Sponge, JD Compressed Cellulose Sponge 12, Eco Friendly Biodegradable Kitchen Dish Washing Cleaning Sponge Cloth, Natural Anti-Scratch. 12

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SPONGE , Compressed cellulose kitchen sponges: this dishwashing sponge is made of natural sponge extracted from wood pulp, perfect kitchen sponges. No more bad odors for daily use, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable, good absorption and no scratches on the dishes. Super absorbent sponge: this kitchen sponge surface is covered with fiber holes of different sizes, so its air permeability is so impressive and dries very quickly. Durable: these sponges are really made to last. Each sponge can withstand months of daily use in your kitchen, bathroom or car without crumbling, even when you are rubbing hard on a plate with dry residue. Anti-scratch cleaning sponge: use our sponge on surfaces, which does not leave marks, scratches or streaks on chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick kitchen utensils, glass, glass, porcelain, porcelain and ceramics. Multipurpose sponge for exfoliants: you will receive 1 pack of 12 compressed sponges. Three for every 2 colors: green 2, yellow 2, pink 2, blue 2 , orange 2, white 2. The compressed size measures 4 3/8 x 2 7/8 inches . After the water it is 4.3/8 x 2 7/8 x 0,80 inches (length x width x height). Cleaning rigging for household or outdoor chores. With the different colors you can select for the various household cleaning activities, such as a color for the dishwasher and utensils , sink , bathroom, kitchen, stoveand other , . With the variety of colors it is much easier.