Organizer hooks and closet storage, pack of 10

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Product description

Space-saving closet hanger: closet organizers and storage solutions can maximize the space in your closet. By using vertical space, our high-quality smart hooks on the magic closet storage hanger can save more than 80% of the space, while keeping your clothes perfectly separated and wrinkle-free. The 9-square-hole design of the storage organizer ensures optimal ventilation and prevents overcrowding. With these space-saving hangers, you can hang at least 9 clothes and say goodbye to messy closets effortlessly. Multifunctional wardrobe organizer system: our wardrobe clothes organizer offers 360° rotation, so it is suitable for various clothing items. The versatile organization and storage stacker allows uniform drying of clothes, ensuring fast drying times. The buckle integrated into the sliding rail securely holds the mobile hook, allowing smooth movement and vertical storage, ultimately saving valuable space in the closet. Experience the comfort and efficiency of our space-saving magic hanger designed to meet your specific needs. The package includes: 6 multicolored magic organizers. Each size: 13 x 6.7 inches. Weight: 2.40 ounces each. Improved hanging closet organizer to organize the room.


Product dimensions 13"W x 6.7"H inches
Number of pieces 10
Number of items 10