Little Debbie Oatmeal cream cakes, 12 individually wrapped cream cakes, 16.2 ounces, pack of one (16)

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This is the Little Debbie appetizer that started it all. Oatmeal cream cakes have been satisfying families since 1960 as the first appetizer baked under the brand Little Debbie. Whole oatmeal, molasses and irresistible cream filling combine to create this classic gift. Available in individual packages, family packages and large packages, there is a size for everyone. Whether you like your OCP with a scoop of ice cream, a tall glass of milk, a hot cup of hot chocolate or fresh out of the freezer, oatmeal cream cakes are available all year round


  • 16 boxes of Little Debbie honey buns
  • 96 soft cakes individually wrapped with a touch of honey and cinnamon covered with a light glaze
  • Soft, golden and tasty, Little Debbie honey buns are the sweet and tasty appetizer that satisfies all day long.
  • Prepared with hints of cinnamon, a touch of honey and dripping with a light glaze, it's easy to understand why this delicious swirl of pastry is a Little Debbie's favorite
  • Whether you have a honey bun on the go with a cup of coffee, enjoy your bun as a sweet side at lunch, or put a honey bun in the microwave for a sticky treat late at night, there is no wrong way to taste this bite

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